How To View Instagram Without An Account

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Did you know that Instagram is now the world’s most popular photo-sharing app? With both its user base and usage continues to skyrocket, it’s no wonder why so many people are obsessed with this social media platform. In fact, a recent study found that over half of all internet users also have an account on Instagram. If you’re one of the many who think that sounds like someplace you’d like to hang out but don’t know how to read on. There are plenty of ways for you to check out what all the fuss is about without having to sign up for an account first. So read on to learn everything you need to know about viewing Instagram without an account.

How to view Instagram without an account

If you want to check out this photo-sharing app without signing up for an account, there are a couple of ways you can do so. The first is to use Google’s Cached View. If you search for a specific image using the “image” search option, you can then click the “Cached” button below the image. This will take you to a webpage version of the image that’s been archived. While the image will be archived as well, the comments will still be visible, since those are not archived. You can also use Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, which is another website that archives web pages. You can visit the site and enter the URL for any Instagram page to view a cached version of that page. While you can use both of these tools to view specific images and posts from Instagram, you can’t actually browse the Instagram feed this way, since neither archives the entire site.

Using Google Chrome

If you’re a Chrome user who’s gone without an Instagram account for long enough to forget what the app even looks like, you can use the incognito mode in Chrome to see what it looks like. While you can’t actually log in to Instagram with this browser mode, you can see what the app looks like. And you can use the search bar at the top of the feed to search for specific tags or terms. Otherwise, you can just peruse the feed normally and see what all the fuss is about.

Using a browser extension

There are also a variety of browser extensions you can download that will allow you to view Instagram without an account. If you want to view the feed but also see comments and tags, for example, you can download Hover Zoom for an Instagram extension. This extension will allow you to hover over any image and see a zoomed-in version of it with the tags, comments, and account information visible. There are also browser extensions that will allow you to view the feed without logging in at all, like Repost for Instagram. This extension will allow you to view the feed and even click on individual posts that you want to repost. This way you can see the feed, but you won’t be able to like or comment on posts using this extension. You can also use other browser extensions that will let you view certain posts, like Stories.

Viewing Instagram with a registered email address

One of the other ways that you can view Instagram without an account is to use an email address that’s associated with an account. If you have a friend who has an Instagram account and is logged in to the app, you can use their email address to view the Instagram feed. However, you’ll have to have that friend log out of the app for you to view any posts. You can also use an email address that’s associated with an account that’s not logged into Instagram. Just enter the email and password for that account, and you’ll be able to view the feed. You can also use a business email address to view the feed. When you enter the information, you’ll see a prompt asking you to confirm the email address. After that, you can use that address to view the feed.

Viewing Instagram with no account or app

Did we mention that you can also view Instagram without an account or app? Well, you can. You can do this by visiting an Instagram image or post that you’d like to view. Next, click the three dots next to the post and select “Copy Post URL.” You can then open a new browser window, paste the URL into the address bar, and hit Enter. You can also visit to view Instagram from a computer. While you won’t be able to view the comments or like the posts, you’ll be able to see the feed.

FAQ: Can you see Instagram stories without an account?

Yes, you can. While Instagram’s Stories feature is available only to people with accounts, there are a couple of ways that you can view specific stories without having a login. You can visit the story page on Instagram or click the story link within someone’s profile, and then select “View All” to see a list of all stories. You can also use an app like Instasync, which will let you view a specific story by entering the story’s URL.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a marketer trying to understand how to best use the app for your brand, a curious non-Instagrammer, or someone who just forgot the app existed, you can view Instagram without an account. You can view the feed and even view specific posts by downloading browser extensions, using a friend’s login information, or entering the URL for a specific post.


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